Digital Transformation – Just Talk, Hype and Promises? Let’s realise the Real Business Value on your Digital journey!

AI, Blockchain, Quantum computing, Drones, Autonomous cars and Robots are just some of the ‘hot’, must have technologies. You need to prepare now – Are you left behind?
70% of major companies claim they are focusing on their digital transformation. Do you know what the hype is all about? A success roadmap is essential, come find out what some major players are doing! Learn which direction to take your Digital Journey in 2019!

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Case study

Digital Automation for the
Insurance Market

The London Insurance Market prides itself on its position and reputation as a global centre of excellence, employing over 52,000 people and paying more than £140bn in claims in the last 5 years. To build on and strengthen its position, the Market undertakes a continuous programme of modernisation – developing, nurturing and delivering new solutions to meet changing customer needs in a way that’s both accessible and cost effective. A key challenge has been to digitally transform the Insurance Market - moving away from legacy paper-based systems to online processing and storage of documentation.

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Case Study

Operational Efficiency

How can your organisation achieve New Levels of Operational Excellence?

Robotics, that’s all?

Disparate and disconnected point solutions are not strategic solutions for fixing your end-to-end digital processes. Robotic Automation alone will not get you there. You need to reduce the cost of delivering excellent customer service so let’s take a smart approach.

McKinsey stated: The best automation strategies start by taking an end-to-end view of the outcome needed and applying the right automation technology to the right problem.

We believe that you need to apply the right technologies to develop your digital business strategy and Robotics is just one component that forms successful Digital Business Automation and Transformation.

Operational Efficiency
Rapid Capture

RapidSUITE is the industry’s only unified Digital Intelligent Process Automation platform, with content, robotics, process automation, and case management together in a unified architecture. We connected it all (including Robotics (o; ) for you, out-of-the-box, so it is all at your finger tips, right where you need it. Your client experience will not be jeopardized through a point solution. You will drive customer satisfaction through the roof and deliver the end-to-end results that drive costs down.

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Customer Focus

Successful insurers are relentlessly focused on customer needs. Artificial intelligence (AI) for Insurance allows agents to spend more time listening to customers instead of searching multiple systems, spreadsheets or documents for answers. With AI-driven solutions, sales and customer service agents quickly access the customer insights and answers they need.


Sixty-nine percent of buyers want sales representatives to listen to their needs. But salespeople spend just one-third of their day actually talking to prospects. Watson Expert Assist is an insurance solution with IBM Watson artificial intelligence that helps sellers deliver in-depth, personalized information. Your agents can confidently focus on providing relevant insurance expertise to prospects and customers.
Watson quickly delivers real-time actionable insights, in manageable amounts, when you need them. With artificial intelligence for insurance your newest agents can be as savvy as your experienced professionals. It enables access to decades of institutional knowledge and interactions with customers.

How it works

Watson understands questions asked in natural, conversational language. It quickly answers questions about sales, training, products, customers and more. Customers can easily interact over the web or with chatbots. Watson AI for insurance can be taught the specific nuances of your company and products by leveraging the expertise already inside your organization.

Watson Expert Assist navigates underwriting and pricing guidelines for complex product lines with speed and accuracy, and advises the agent on how to best interact with next steps and resources.


Watson Expert Assist helps prioritize leads, accelerate client relationships and grow insurance expertise through better sales intelligence. Up to 80% of your information about customers’ needs and market trends lies in unstructured data. AI puts that data to work to help your sellers advise customers on best fit products and grow revenue.


Watson solution

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Risk and Compliance

Stop financial crime and fraudulent claims before payment is made. Use AI and the insurance tools of claims fraud and detection with Financial Crimes Insight.


Improve the effectiveness of your insurance fraud investigators. Confirm legitimate claims while stopping fraudulent claims from entering the claims process. Datum Solutions is experienced in IBM Financial Crimes Insight for Insurance and helps deliver analytic capabilities to reduce fraudulent payments and optimize operations.

How it works

Detect financial crimes and uncover suspicious behavior earlier in the review process. Prevent insurance financial crimes with multiple analytic techniques including advanced entity resolution, anomaly detection, clustering and association models, and risk scoring. Make your insurance investigative teams more productive. Rich forensics, AI and insurance tools include pattern explorer, deep learning profiles, geospatial, social and link analyses.


You can significantly reduce the time to identify financial crimes, investigate and shut down insurance fraud. Using advanced tools including predictive and entity analytics along with AI will help you drive better outcomes.


Financial Crimes
insight solution

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